Christmas 2008
Friday, 26 Dec 2008

A ship is always a ship. And on a ship, there's always work to do, regardless the time of year. So it happened that we were working on a project Northwest of the Shetlands during Christmas this year. As Christmas is par excellence the time to spend at home, gathering with family and dear friends, there's usually not much fun in working over Christmas. However, if one needs to be away from home and family anyway, the Nordnes is -by far- not the worst place to be. There are quite a lot of people here working together for a longer period of time than they -say for instance- know their wives. Although workmates aren't necessarily friends, there must be some sort of friendship involved to be on a boat together with so many the same people for so many years. For the majority of those on board during Christmas it was not the first time, as pictures from previous years also prove.
Although our work schedule was very busy, and favourable weather windows in our line of work are not to be missed, luckily on Christmas day we did find a little time to have Christmas dinner together. Some things in life are just more important than work, progress and profits after all.
Our galley staff excelled their selves once again. There are hardly sufficient superlatives to describe what those guys can do. And also to them it's just a job, more work. So, after a small speech from the captain and our lovely surveyor Gina saying a prayer, we all enjoyed the marvellous food that our galley boys had prepared with so much effort and decorated in their renown style.
Maybe not with our families, it was definitely a Christmas spent among friends...


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