Tuesday, 02 Feb 2011

Report of E. van Geel
Trainee offshore department
Onboard FFPV Nordnes from 15 Oct till 13 Dec. 2010

First of all, I would like to thank the Nordnes crew for my first real trip on the North Sea.
I started my traineeship within Van Oord in September 2010. I’ve been 2 weeks onboard of the HAM601 after one month safety trainings and courses.
After this small experience, I worked in the office for 2 weeks
on the process-analysis-project of the Nordnes. It gave me a little impression about the systems onboard.

On October the 15th I flew to Kristiansund and spent 1 night in a hotel. I met 2 Filipino guys in the lobby, they work onboard Nordnes as a ROV pilot and Discharge-operator. In the afternoon, a taxi picked us up and brought us to the vessel. My eyes were wide open; this is totally different than the HAM601! I spoke shortly to the captain and the safety officer gave us the safety induction. After this tour I went to my cabin for a good rest.

The following weeks were very interesting. My shift was different than the usual shifts of the crew. Because of that, I saw a lot of new people in a short time who gave me a lot of new information. The atmosphere onboard was relaxed, everybody did their job and there was even time to sing a song! Click here to hear the Christmas song. I’m very proud to say ‘’I’ve installed a wetstore on the seabed at approx. 367 metres depth’’. This is a parking place for pipeline manifold under water.

I was totally amazed about how the crew onboard Nordnes works. I did not only gain a lot of technical knowledge, but also a lot of respect for all jobs. All jobs together make the process well going. It was a real pleasure to visit the Nordnes and I would like to thank them again. One important hint for newcomers…DO some practice in Mariokart, otherwise u will feel the same as me!

Take care,

Written in Klaipeda (Lithuania)


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