Hi Marc & Peter,

Well, I have enjoyed spending quite some time going through your site (with an ever-increasing smile on my face !!!).
As light-hearted websites go, yours is up there with the best.

Seriously, so few people today know what being on board a commercial vessel is like, (and I don't count cruise ships,
as they are on another planet to the rest of the REAL shipping world !!!!). Your site provides a very important insight
into life on board a working vessel, along with the (necessary) sense of humour.
Following the tragic accident with the NORDNES (when earlier known as the ROCKNES) your site rightly emphasises
how important safety is, and I was delighted to follow
through the Safety powerpoint presentation you have put on the website for new crew members and visitors.
The website has been very professionally created (must have taken a lot of time and effort), but is so worthwhile.

I wish a few other crews would create websites like yours, as you make the (to many people) remote world of shipping
become human and real.
As such and to encourage you to keep the website going, we are delighted to grant our GOLD award to your website

Attached you will find the gold award symbol which we would ask you display on the website, which links back to the
Maritime Web Awards website (at http://www.geocities.com/uksteve.geo/award0.html ). Once the symbol appears,
please let us know and we can then announce your award on the Netherlands Winners webpage, providing a report like
the others on there and a direct link to your website. Many winning websites have noticed a considerable increase in
traffic following the announcemnet of the award. Yours is a website that people ought to visit.

Many thanks for letting us know about the NORDNES website and happy sailing (weather must be getting better in the North sea finally !!!)

Steve Harris
Maritime Web Awards