Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for your inviting to the board of the NORDNES.
I spent long time there and I had so much to discover and time flied. But at least I fled because of the bad weather in the Nordsea and because I am a bad sailor *grins*
Referring to the Rolling Stones I want to label the crew as the »Shipping Stones«.
To navigate trough your website »Nordnes« is a true pleasure: it is like a visit to friends and to learn all the news about the »family« on board and certainly about the work and all about the equipping of the MV Nordnes.
Your website is one of the most interesting I know and I really was surprised about your knowledge as webmaster and the almost perfect realization.

So it only remains for me to add that you won the MOON AWARD in GOLD

Congratulations and keep up your great work! Your website is now displayed on the gold winners page of the MOON AWARD Program with a backlinked screenshot and a description.

Best wishes from Jenny akd MOON LADY of the MOON AWARD Program April 21, 2009