Saturday 25 Dec 2010

Read on for Feedback and watch the Making of "We are the World"

The Nordnes crew has a long tradition of sending digital Christmas greetings. By the nature of the vessel´s main task (creation of supports for and installation of rock protection over subsea infrastructure, mainly for the oil & gas industry) the ship has always been equipped with state-of-the-art communication facilities, comparable to most onshore offices.

One of the first digital Christmas cards that was created on the vessel, many years ago, became so popular within a short period of time, and so many people, both on- and offshore, started sending it towards each other, their relations and relatives, that not only the vessel´s IT server crashed, but also the server in the main office suffered a severe slow-down in data traffic.

However, since that embarrassing moment the rock stars on the vessel have come a long way, digitally.
Therefore now the season´s greetings are no longer distributed via satellite from the vessel, but are available to all on the Nordnes own website.

Everybody is invited to watch our special Christmas greetings to the world, those who were before you have given enthusiastic reviews!

Christmas 2010 Christmas 2010

Please take a few hours to read the enthusiastic feedback we have received!

Sitting here being very silent reading all the positive reactions on the X-mas DVD form around the world, very impressive too. Ffpv Nordnes

This morning the Christmas DVD has been released at the Nordnes Christmas DVD release party in Oosterwijk. A selection of approximate 200 people watched the Premiere of our Christmas Greetings which you can find here on the status page. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!! Ffpv Nordnes

And all the 200 persons at the x-mass lunch loved it!!!!! What a great movie. It was shown before Joep's feel good speech....I don't know what he said, I was still impressed by the Nordnes movie. Rob Bakker

Joep should have left it to the professionals as we are here. I have now seen it more than 20 times and it still gives me the shivers and chicken pock.

What a top piece of video making that all is, well done to you all. My pick for the best in class, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles! It looks like I'll be home for Christmas but I will raise several glasses to you all as you bounce about on the ocean. I hope you all have a top time and that 2011 is a great one for you all, thanks and good luck, Alan

Have seen the excellent video clip made by you and other crew of Nordnes, for which my compliments. It is amazing that all of you as Nordnes-crew can practise and excel in two professions, movie-making and rock dumping, with as milestone 7.500.000 tons rock since our Polish adventure some years ago. That is what they call "multi-tasking". Merry Christmas to you and all Nordnes crew!! Regards, Maurice Viset

Brilliant! Merry Christmas to everybody! Henk Griffioen

Het filmpje ziet er leuk uit, origineel. Bernard Tange

Super filmpje!! We hebben er van genoten. Groeten, Arie-Jan (en familie)

Haha, geniaal!!! Jullie ook een goede kerst toegewenst. Groet, Niels

These Christmas Greetings are (as usual) great and pls. next year again. Thanks. Merry Christmas. Ton Oortwijk

Hello crew of the Nordnes,Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant Christmas video the best I have seen so far! I wish all the crew, on and off the Nordnes, a merry Christmas and a fantastic 2011. Arjan Dams

Geweldige kerstvideo!! Marco Hollemans

Hartstikke leuk gedaan Nordnes crew!!! Pieter van der Aa

Super. All oscars for this video! Eugene Balleur

And again today it made my day. Rob Bakker

What a great movie, the best Christmas Video ever..... Best wishes for 2011. Marc van der Stok

Prachtig, Beste video ooit gemaakt. The Boss and Willie Nelson was uit stekend. Jullie zijn allemal ROCK and roll sterren! Svein Christian Wiig

Vanessa, didn't know you could sing that well. Well done prinsessa. Rob Bakker

Awesome! great performance! Salve Alano

Glad to be just in time to be part of this video! ;) Flory Ann

Great job! Nordnes' various artists :D Evelyn Ballad Tagudin

OMG!!! It is the best video ever!!! :)) Jeff Delgado Ocampo

Finally!! Well worth the wait. Proud to be a part of this :) Vanessa Venida

What is this bloody good, the world needs to see this. A huge compliment to you all, from the both of us. Christine Woning-Adam

Soooper like! :D Le Loi Nuñez

Very nice video! I enjoy watching it..Merry Christmas to all the Staff & Crew of FFPV Nordnes. :) Carolyn Pedrosa

Really amazing Dick. Very good job. I laugh a lot with the video. Carlos Gonzalez

Perfectly made!!! just miss all of you while watching this video....Merry Christmas my Nordnes family Joselito Flores

Zit er nog een leuke single op de loveboat, kapitein Rob? ;-) Mary de Kroo

Heel grappig!! Sanne Jennen-Runderkamp

Nordnes Christmas dvd you must see! Menno Boom

Really nice; i had fun watching it. No boring moments in the video :) Ma.theresa Dela Cruz

I agree. You are "The best offshore Production". Ayan na hindi lang nomination panalo na kayo sa akin. Merry Christmas.. enjoy. Leonito Reginio

Courva great. Well done Bartozs

Wow, Vanessa. Je t'aime :-) Rob Bakker

Congrats ! ...its a nice production....well done. :) Carolyn Pedrosa

Sir dave thanks for uploading the Christmas video. We are one big happy family. Joseph Aldea

Great video, hilarious, fun to watch ;-) Merry Xmass and healthy 2011 to all on board of the Nordnes Arno Roeland

Nicely done Dave, the presentation on the back aswell.... :-))) Rob Bakker

ayosssssssssss,congrats were proud of it from TEAM STORNES. Jose Vicente Salmon

Very nice! Hilarious! Menno Boom

We have prepared 1 for Stornes and 1 for Tertnes and awaiting your Christmas DVD ;-) Ffpv Nordnes

Hahah dit is te grappig! Anja en ik vinden hem geweldig. Original idea Dick Jansen, natuurlijk. Was dat nou de uniform powerpoint op de achtergrond? Prachtig dit! Lianne Vink

My son saw " Bob THE builder" in the x-mass clip.... somewhere in the start of the clip, in the processroom....??? haha Rob Bakker

Mat deserves the credit as well...Congrats Mat!! Reyna Carandang-Henson

Of course he does! Without him I couldn't have done it. Normal :) Bartosz Kowalczyk

Great movie very original luckely I also had a few seconds of fame. Merry Christmas to all and a happy and healthy 2011. Johan Wiersema

Have we set a new level? Started a hype? Will there somebody out there trying to beat us with their version of WATW? What will people expect next year???? Ffpv Nordnes

Next year: Nordnes, the musical, with rock hits from Netherlands, Ukraïne, Latvia and Phillipines. Bert de Ruiter

And a world-tour...but first a DVD-box with greatest hits :-) Harro Vaags

Nordnes website needs extra cooling due to the many visitors watching the X-mas DVD, Hollywood here we come!!! Ffpv Nordnes

We (Joke en ondergetekende) hebben genoten van jullie zeer speciale Kerst groet. We wensen jullie alle fijne dagen en een heel gelukkig 2011. Groet vanuit het warme Karratha, Hans van Meeuwen

Great video, best wishes for you all ! Bert Jansen

Punongbayan nice music...galing nila kuhang-kuha..hehehe Philip Tanguin

Kuya, kasama ka ba sa mga kumakaway sa labas ng barko? hehehe Ronald Regidor

KURWA MAS!!!!!!!!Roderick Pedrosa

Ang kukulit!! hehehe! saya nman,ganyan pla work nyo s barko ah,lakas magtrip!! Royalene Sevilla-Cerdobbel

Panalo....pwede na kayo pumirma sa star record! Leah De Villa

Let's start a band.. let's start a band!!! Eva Deleon

Naks ang gaking ah...congrats....Jo Madarcos

Meron isang cute :P Salve Alano

Ang ganda-ganda! =) Gina Llamasares Arnaldo

Yown! Tina TurnerBes! hehe Kit Listana

Hi Bartosz and Mat. I have enjoyed the impressive movie you have made. Together with all participants you have managed to show, in a unique way, how we have given shape to Van Oord’s One Team vision. I am very glad to be part of that unique culture. Many thanks also to Dick, who launched this original idea, Dave, Bert, Reyna and all the other crew members who have given their enthusiastic support. Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Peter de Ruijter

Hallo Bert & Crew, Geweldige film en erg leuk om te zien dat iedereen hier met volle overgave aan heeft meegewerkt!!! Nog fijne feestdagen en gelukkig Nieuwjaar, Gilbert Rezette

I just saw your video on the website: Awesome! What a fantastic way to send your Christmas greetings to people all over the world. Well done! I wish all the crewmembers and their families a merry Christmas and a fantastic 2011. Kind regards, Marcel van der Es

Heel erg leuk Ineke

Leuke film!! Goed gedaan Ruben

Die kerstwens van jullie is wel erg goed en mooi uitgevoerd! Kan dat kaartje van ons niet tegenop in nog geen 75000000 tons jaar! Nogmaals mooie dagen toegewenst. Met vriendelijke groet, Dennis Schalke Consultant BURDOCK Offshore Services



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