Photo of the month!
Saturday, 03 Jun 2017

June 2017
View from the boom
Contributed by Rob

April 2017
Good Luck Albert !
Contributed by Nordnes Crew

August 2016
Loading in Bremanger
Contributed by Vanessa Venida

June 2016
Light in the tunnel !
Contributed by Edo & Rudy

April 2016
Nordnes night view
Contributed by Jochem van der Blom

October 2015
How I love my job !

March 2015
Nordnes in Maritime Museum Rotterdam
Contributed by Maritime Museum Rotterdam

August 2014
Our Eggie Monsters !
Contributed by Pavlo and Vlado

July 2014
Approaching Stavanger
Contributed by Patrick Houdart

May 2014
Welcome back in Norway ! !
Contributed by Ruben Zaalberg

January 2014
Our Australian SRI specialists !
Contributed by Timothy Bridges

December 2013
Loading in The Port of Dapier
Contributed by Marcel Tuin

November 2013
The A-teams !

August 2013
Bye bye !!

July 2013
Nordnes loading at Anping port
Contributed by Bert de Ruiter

March 2013
Nordnes and Sandpiper at Jelsa
Contributed by Bert de Ruiter

February 2013
Which way we're going ?

January 2013
One team working for the other team ....

November 2012
See how proud he is !

September 2012
Contributed by Nordnes crew

August 2012
Contributed by Vincent

June 2012

May 2012
Contributed by Rob & Robin

April 2012
Contributed by Gerry

March 2012
Contributed by Daniëlle Veldman

January 2012
Contributed by Phat Pelare

December 2011
Drop The Rocks Down (Trailer_Extended) !!
Contributed by Bert de Ruiter and Mateusz Cebula

October 2011
Nordnes legger til kai hos Norstone i Dirdal for lasting av pukk som brukes til dekkmasse over oljeledninger i Nordsjøen og andre steder
Contributed by Tjorbørn1955

September 2011
Ocean Sky, Nordnes and Havila Borg near Draugen
Contributed by Fugro Searcher

August 2011
Nordnes spotted in Åmøyfjorden, Stavanger
Contributed by Jan Inge Hillesøy

June 2011
Caps of the year!!
Contributed by Rudy and Frank

May 2011
Group photo
Contributed by crew and visitors
View here a bigger size.

April 2011
Queue up for Mario Kart!
Contributed by Peter de Ruijter

February 2011
On the world championship smiling.....
Contributed by Rowel

January 2011
Contributed by Aad

December 2010
Contributed by Bert de Ruiter

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