Wednesday 29 Jun 2011

Hello everyone on the Nordnes, Today, the 20th of June 2011 is my last day here on the Nordnes. For exactly one month I worked onboard as a trainee from the offshore department. Before I take the plain and rush to my girlfriend, I would like to thank all of you for the nice time and warm welcome I had onboard the Nordnes.
For me this was my first experience working offshore on a ship, so I was a bit reserved with my opinion before I came. I expected that working and living would be totally different than working on shore. My trip started in Slovak were I was involved with the Troll P12 project followed by two repair periods and finished in Averoy for a trip to Ormen Lange phase 3. This combination gave me a good insight in the tasks and responsibilities of every crewmember, the working procedures on board and the specifications of the ship. For a newcomer onboard the Nordnes everything looks to run so smoothly and decisions sound very obvious. But I know this can only be achieved if you have an experienced team. I hope that within Van Oord we have much more of these vessels because I enjoyed the working atmosphere.

I spend most of my time with the assistant superintendents behind the dumpdesk (preferably SRI operation desk) or on deck at the BSC or the tower. From the start Sandis was thinking: ?@#$%Peep, will this guy ever be able to connect a dominator? or ?Who left the crowbar and hammer on the wrong spot?? Yeah that would be me. Well, I think on the end I managed to do all that. I even installed some rock here and there.

From the start I didn't want to say it out loud, but from today I can say that I didn't become seasick. I had to get used to the constant movement of the ship. One moment it feels like your flying and the other you weigh more than 100kg. Especially on the treadmill this can be challenging. But living onboard the Nordnes was really nice and for an ex-student I call this very luxurious, from great food to the gym, the sauna and of course the solarium. After a week of trying to get a nice tan, Bartos tolled me that the lifetime of the UV-lamps was expired. Well, at least it was warm and I could rest for a moment.

I cant finish my story without mentioning Mario Kart. For all people that read this and never came onboard the Nordnes. Prepare yourself, buy a wii and practise as hard as you can on Mario Kart. I call myself a young guy but I can ensure you that you will loose from the 40+ veterans. After four weeks of sweat and tears I finally finished second, normally I just count the rounds.

For know I want to wish you all the best and I hope to see you again!

Kind regards


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