Remembrance of our fallen fellow seafarers
Tuesday 26 Jan 2016

Firstly we served on the Nordnes whist it was in Australia on it 's rock dumping campaign.
We were very proud to attend a remembrance ceremony held onboard on this day in 2014.
We would just like to send our condolences to all the families of the seafarers who tragically lost their lives onboard the vessel on this day in Bergen. May they all Rest in Peace.

Kind regards

Tim Bridges, Spike Holt & John McDonald and from the rest of the crew.
And all us aboard the Sapurakencana Constructor

Read here more about the 2014 remembrance ceremony.

Goodbye Rick
Monday 30 Nov 2015

Goodbye Rick
In March 2015 we said goodbye to our Chief Engineer and Chief Deck Engineer Rick.
Because he did not want to leve us we repeated that in April...
Watch it on our Picasa album !

Goodbye Alex
Sunday 29 Nov 2015

Goodbye Alex
On a typical Nordnes style we said goodbye to our Captain Alex Zaal in August 2015.
Watch it on our Picasa album !

Repair 2015 Bergen
Thursday 10 Dec 2015

Repair 2015 Bergen
Watch it on our Picasa album !

Maintenance 2014 Vlissingen
Tuesday 02 Dec 2014

Maintenance 2014 Vlissingen
Watch it on our Picasa album !

Memorial Service
Sunday 19 Jan 2014

Today a Memorial Service was organised to commamorate the 18 seafarers who lost their lives when the Rocknes capsized on 19th January 2004.
Read on....

Maintenance 2013 Singapore
Saturday 01 June 2013

Maintenance 2013 Singapore
Watch it on our Picasa album !

Stornes Christmas 2012
Friday 21 Dec 2012

Stornes Christmas 2012 video
Watch it here .....

Christmas Eve Party 2011
Wednesday 04 Jan 2012

Christmas Eve Party 2011
Watch it here .....

Christmas 2011
Wednesday 23 Dec 2011

Christmas 2011 on FFPV Stornes
More on Stornes 2011.....

Christmas 2011
Thursday 22 Dec 2011

Christmas 2011 on FFPV Nordnes
More on Christmas 2011.....

Great Nordnes Crew 2011 Logo Contest!
Friday 18 Nov 2011

The time has come for us, the nordnes crew, to show the world who we are!

Bring out your creative genius and join the "Great Nordnes Crew 2011 Logo Contest!"

What? Who? Where? When? How? Why? Rules? Read on....

Thursday 29 Sep 2011

Read here about Manoel's Nordnes family experience....

Wednesday 29 Jun 2011

Read here Jeroen's Nordnes experienece....

Goodbye Tom!
Wednesday 29 Jun 2011

4th October 2010 we celebrated Tom's goodbye party.

Tuesday, 02 Feb 2011

Read here Erwin's Nordnes experienece....

Christmas 2010
Tuesday 14 Dec 2010

Christmas 2010
More on Christmas 2010.....

Dry dock
Thursday 06 May 2010

In April 2010 we paid the doctor with a visit again.
More on dry dock 2010.....

Dry dock
Wednesday, 27 May 2009

In April and May 2009 I've visited the doctor at Blohm + Voss shipyard for a medical checkup in dry dock.

Friday, 20 Mar 2009

Read here the exciting experience of Johan de Keizer who joined Nordnes for one trip in February.

Goodbye Ken
Tuesday, 13 Jan 2009

On 6th January 2009 we said goodbye to Ken.

Sunday, 11 Jan 2009

Read here the journal of Harm van der Ende who joined Nordnes
for one trip in December 2008.
Harm is lecturer at the Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz Terschelling
in the Netherlands.

Old and New Year 2009
Saturday, 10 Jan 2009

31st December 2008 we said goodbye to 2008 and welcomed 2009.

Christmas 2008
Friday, 26 Dec 2008

25th December 2008 we celebrated Christmas.

Bye Bye Scott!
Thursday, 25 Dec 2008

21st December 2008 we celebrated Scott's goodbye party.

Farewell Tony!
Sunday, 30 Nov 2008

30th November 2008 we said goodbye to our Captain Tony Samual

Of the Nordnes, Captain Tony was Master,
They dumped rock faster and faster
He was content to stay
That was until they
Built another that was newer and vaster
Biz Bizzell

Sandnessjøen party!
Monday, 27 Oct 2008

While the vessel was alongside due to waiting on weather recently, the crew of Nordnes initiated and facilitated a small party on board of the vessel, inviting a number of interested people and representatives of the local community in Sandnessjøen. Read on....

Bye-Bye Bak!
Monday, 20 Oct 2008

27th August 2008 Aad Bak tried to run away from our boat in a very
sneeky way.
Fortunately he was caught in time!

Saturday, 18 Oct 2008

27th Augus 2008 we welcomed many visitors
on board in Stavanger because of ONS 2008
Together with the crew they had a great time!
Read on....

Monday, 07 Jul 2008

10th June 2008 we said goodbye to Huib, our Chief Engineer


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